Marina & the Teacher Belle Hart Author
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Marina, an 18 year old high school student and virgin, is in love with her married photography teacher, Mr. Norris. She doesn't think she has a chance until the day Mr. Norris seduces her in the darkroom.Excerpt:When he kissed me in the darkroom I was shocked, but I didn't pull away. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I would die. I wanted him to kiss me. Had never hardly dared hope he actually would, but I dreamed about it. He laid me down on the floor. Light coming only from glow in the dark clocks and a negative projection machine.Oh, Marina, he whispered as he peeled my jean jacket off of me, then my fuzzy sweater. He sucked my neck and I was in heaven. I felt him reach around and undo my bra, which he pulled off to expose my large breasts.This story is sexually explicit and for adults only.Length: Short Story, 3500 words.


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