The Control, Prevention and Cure of Asthma Dueep Jyot Singh Author
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Table of ContentsIntroductionMain Visible Symptoms of AsthmaThe Immunotherapy ScamSome Helpful TipsConclusionTry Alternative Medicine RemediesAuthor BioPublisherIntroductionA couple of months ago I wrote a book about how to cure asthma naturally and I decided to extend that knowledge again, in another book, because of the number of asthma cases increasing day by day.Believe it or not, the percentage of asthma patients, and people suffering from chest infections and problems have gone up by 3% in the past 5 years, and this situation is going to worsen, due to their lifestyles, and the environments in which they live.Once upon a time, a person suffering from asthma said, thank God it is winter, and I do not have to worry an asthma attack, brought about through dust and allergy and pollen grains. That is not the case now. You may find yourself coming down with an asthmatic attack, in any season, anywhere in the world, thanks to the pollution in the air and water, through emissions from industries, vehicles and other natural and human made sources.Coupled with the greenhouse effect, which prevents this particular ever-growing and unprecedented sheer volume and mass of pollution from disappearing up into space, far away from our nose and lungs, is it a surprise that people who did not know about asthma 30 years ago suddenly find themselves whooping and wheezing for air, because their air passages have been blocked?Once upon a time, wintertime was very pleasant, because of the fresh air, but alas, now the cold prevents the process of dispersal of all those particles of toxic dust, hanging in a black gloomy pall of pollution, over our heads and over our cities.And once when we breathed fresh crisp winter air, today, just take in a deep breath, and what enters your lungs? Chemical toxins and dust and other such undesirable things, of which human beings had not thought half a century ago.Forget about the poor asthmatics. Just think about what the effect it can have on a healthy human being with a hitherto healthy chest and lungs system.Asthma is a more common condition than you would believe. This condition affects the lungs, and makes breathing difficult. For people who have never come across such an ailment before, it can be very terrifying, especially when they feel totally helpless when confronted with an asthma patient for the first time.


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