Queen of Mischief: World of Change Book 5 Gordon A. Long Author
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This is an Advance Review Copy, so formatting and cover are not finalized.Last year was easy. Nobody expected Jameta to be brave enough, strong enough or smart enough to be of any use. It was so much fun to prove them all wrong. Of course, she was scared to death half the time, but she succeeded.But now they all know what she can do. Now she is at the head of the party, and everyone is looking to her for leadership.But she has a plan. Good leaders find others to do all the important things that have to be done, and create a competent group around them who co-operate to succeed. And it seems to be working. Her party of Galesians sweeps through Domaland society, impressing everyone. Medlilli, Speaker for the Dry Land people, seems to be getting her message across.But when things start to go wrong, the solution always seems to be for Jameta to take on more duties than she knows how to handle. Sooner or later, she knows it’s all going to blow up in her face.That’s if the boiler of her paddle steamer doesn’t explode first.


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