The Big Book of Interesting Stuff! Michael Hopkins Author
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REVIEWSHere's a small sample of reader reviews for The Big Book Of Interesting Stuff!- I just started this book, and I can hardly put it down! To me, it's hilarious! I love it! What a nice way to spend a few minutes: laughing out loud while reading and making everyone around you think you're nuts! Oh, well... gotta go! I want to read some more! (S. Kelley)- If you want a light read that is entertaining and informative without being dry, this is the book you should read. I have enjoyed and laughed my way through it and am happy to recommend it to others. (Luciann Smith)- Loved this book !!! Spend many hours reading about a little of this and a little of that. Highly recommend this item. many times over... (Harry Murdock)- I got this book for my Kindle because I like trivia and fun facts kind of stuff but this book is all that and more. I've only read about 10% of it so far but it's great - not just the same old drivel that fills lots of similar books but I have also never laughed so hard in a long time. Written in an easygoing, fun style, you can read a lot or a little and get enjoyment out of it every time! (Greg Walz)- This is actually a GREAT read!! I did not want to stop reading it. I learned lots of info.....some useless and some not....but all very interesting!!!! (Jill A Coy)- A really good book. Kept me reading the whole time with interesting facts. Learned a lot and also laughed a lot! (Kaitlyn O'Hara)- The title is not misleading; this book is filled with interesting bits of trivia. Written in a manner that causes the reader to relate, ponder, and on some occasions literally laugh out loud. I cannot wait to read the next one. (Joli Richardson)- I enjoyed this immensely. Good light reading with lots of interesting tidbits. Loved the little brainteasers peppered throughout the book. Enjoy! (Laura Jean Flagel)- Exactly what it says. Loads of interesting snippets of information and little things that I never knew. Terrific book and highly recommended. (George Field)- The Big Book of Interesting Stuff is jam-packed full of short (with few exceptions) interesting (with even fewer exceptions) and often ironic factoids, memes, jokes, and titillating tidbits. [...] It's worth twice the price he requests for it. My bride and I spent several evenings sharing sections of the book with one another and my own copy of the text has more highlights in it than a Michael Jordan NBA video. (Bruce Barker)BOOK DESCRIPTION:The title says it all – The Big Book Of Interesting Stuff is packed full of interesting, entertaining, educational, and downright fun stuff to read.From the weird to the wonderful, from the horrible to the hilarious, from Billy the Kid to Albert the Einstein, from science-fiction to ancient history… it's all in here, and then some!You'll find incredible true stories, funny lists, strange facts, hilarious quotes, tricky brain teasers, weird coincidences, terrible puns, unusual short fiction, and a whole lot more…Whether you're looking for something to get you through a long airplane journey, or you just want an enjoyable read to while away the hours, then this is the book for you.Let the fun begin!


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