Mission Pluto Mike Donati Author
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Discover the adventures of Selfi and Rocky, the rover martian! Selfi and her team understand the Leviathan tear mean after visit the Medium Doria on Venus. The medium talk about the origin of Plutonians people and the discovering watch pointer on Earth by one of them: Shl'i. He fought the Leviathan on Neptune, but failed. The tear of Levaithan have a strange power 22 pages in color.The adventure continues for the young team of space explorers with the discovery of Pluto! Mica, Selfie and Thomas are prisoners by Horlogkes on Pluto. The Horlogkes master install them in Pluto Arena. He propose a show for his robots team with the Titan Horlogke for kill the Selfi team! But Selfi has a lucky cards with her: The Leviathan tear, the Plutonian warrior Shl'i and Rocky, the rover martian !


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