Age of Caligula (Sons of Rome, #1) R.R. Morgan Author
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Age of Caligula, the first entry in the Sons of Rome saga, introduces Tamara of the East, a beautiful young girl taken from the sands beyond the Mediterranean, and sold at a Roman slave auction. Raised in an opulent, debauched brothel, Tamara learns the ways of physical pleasure, the limits of trust, and ultimately, how to survive among the brutal, duplicitous tyrants controlling her fate.Tamara recounts a sweeping, epic adventure, chronicling her captivity, education, and eventual liberation. It is a tale brimming with lust, shame, love, and violence, set against the backdrop of Caligula's Rome, a time of unbridled perversion, civil unrest, and wanton cruelty.As the tide of discontent and treachery rises, powerful forces beyond Tamara's control threaten to destroy the only world she's come to know, and she's forced to tap inner wellsprings of strength she never knew she had in order to prevail.This is erotica of a high order, beautifully written and populated with well-drawn, multidimensional characters. An erotic storyteller that never skimps on story, R.R. Morgan has crafted a sensual, often disturbing masterpiece that captures the tumultuous, insatiable spirit that defined ancient Rome.


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