Dua Lipa (Flying High to Success Weird and Interesting Facts on Dua Lipa) Bern Bolo Author
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Have you ever heard of a genre called “dark pop”? No? Well, me either. How many models turned musicians were able to succeed in the music industry? Maybe there were a few but I haven’t heard of them! Did you know that she was a hostess at nightclubs? Of course, there is no such thing as smooth sailing life. Everybody encounters challenges and obstacles in life which is what makes you stronger and more motivated in the long run. Did you know that she was told that she can’t sing ‘cause she couldn’t hit the high notes when she tried joining the school choir? I mean, isn’t there medium or low notes in a choir? No need to let down the little girl so harshly? And she was really let down when she was told that. Who wouldn’t? Did you know that when her manager told her that she needs to lose weight if she wants to be successful or want to do the catwalk, she stopped modeling because she loves food so much and instead she chooses to use the best asset she thinks she has which is her voice? I think both are her best assets. Her unique way of dressing herself up still portray her modeling days with her personal touch and her amazing voice as well! All these information and a lot more are inside -- so go ahead and take a peek, and then take one! If you’re really into it, give them as gifts to friends.


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