Acts of Random Kindness: Spread Love and Happiness With Good Deeds in 100 Days (Motivation & Inspiration) Annette Marsh Author
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Have you ever smiled at a stranger and watched their face brighten? That is a random act of kindness. Have you ever paid for someone’s groceries just because? That is a random act of kindness as well. Some acts are kind of small and they seem like they don’t matter but they do! They matter to someone. Look, we can’t all leave millions of dollars to a children’s hospital or build a library in a community that no longer has one but we can all do little things that make someone else’s day just a little brighter. And that is what this book is all about.Unlike other “acts of kindness” books you are going to find a looser structure here. You won’t find Day One: do this because this is real life and that means you need a little flexibility to work with. So, instead consider this a guide, a gentle suggestion on what you might like to do or ways to incorporate more kindness into your life.In this book you will learn:The many types of acts of kindness from the very simple to the large.How many of these acts require nothing more than a bit of time, no money needed.How to move to some of the larger scale acts and help more people at once.How these actions will help you in the process.Kindness is contagious. If one person is kind to someone who needs it they will be more likely to be kind to someone in return and so on. Hopefully this book will help you see that you can do more with a smile and a kind word than you ever thought would be possible.


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