Rebound From The Bully Boss Shirley McLean Author
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Never allow a Bully Boss to steal your joy.Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.Bully Boss is the name given by the author Shirley McLean to the person in authority who chooses to constantly humiliate,intimidate or degrade their target.This book is the second inspirational book by Shirley, following on her previous book Miracle Working You. It is an attempt to help people everywhere who are struggling emotionally due to the unfair treatment being metered out to them at work.Yelling by the perpetrator in front of other co-workers, degrading, belittling and persistent criticism of work done are all forms of bullying and as children of God we should not accept this type of behaviour.Shirley has used spiritual principles to rebound and rise from the experience of bullying she encountered at work. She has proven that God or your Higher Self is the source of supply and not the job.This Power and Presence is available to everyone,it is certainly available to you.This book is not intended to discourage anyone from seeking medical attention or psychiatric help if and when the need arises but to awaken people to the Power that lies within them. It has been proven many times in this life that what was intended to be harmful to others turns out in hindsight to be the best thing that could ever have happened . Bullies can never take away our good although it may be delayed. The Universe works in absolute Divine Order.Readers, you will be encouraged to develop your own strategies to empower yourself and shift to the harmonious and peaceful lifestyle that you deserve.


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