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Lord of Death and LifeAnd you think you've got problems. Brion Rouwen has lost everything. In the blink of an eye. His occupation, his honor, and the woman he loves have been replaced with a curse far beyond even his darkest reckoning: not only can he not die, a cruel antecedent to the blistering pain inflicted upon him by his wrongdoers, but -- as he finds out -- everyone he loves will perish immediately upon contact with him.So begins The Lord of Death and Life, the first installment in Robert E. Vardeman's epic fantasy trilogy The Accursed. From riveting battles upon high clifftops to vast oceans infested with slimy beasts, Vardeman's exhilarating page-turner cuts straight to the action and never lets go. These are the sorts of characters and scenarios one always hopes to encounter in fantasy novels, but so rarely come about. The crafty way Vardeman weaves the disparate elements of his stories into a fun, fast-paced adventure make this a must for any fantasy fan.


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