Vlad The Impaler Gabriel Calex Author
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A graphic trilogy about three important moments that influenced the destiny of Vlad The Impaler since he was born and until his death. The first part titled The Ring Of The Dragon start right in the day when Vlad was born when his father Vlad Dracul has come to the Court of the Holy Roman Empire to ask an alliance against the imminent invasion of the Ottomans. He is a prince of Wallachia and he knows that his country can't stand alone without being conquered. In the honour of the new emperor Sigismund a tournament has been approved and the prize it is very special. The winner will get a ring showing that he is a Knight of the Dragon, a knightly order founded by the emperor himself. Every member of this brotherhood of arms has the right to ask help from the imperial forces against his enemies and this is important for Vlad Dracul and Wallachia. More of that the ring give the same rights and to the heritiers of a Knight of the Dragon and Vlad have already two sons: Mircea II and the infant Vlad III The Impaler. But another competitor in the tournament is his own younger cousin Dan Basarab, also prince of Wallachia, wishing him death because they are both pretenders to the throne of their country. Dan is a very good fighter, but he is very arrogant and brutal, trying to touch his goals by any kind of methods. Vlad is almost sure that his cousin will try to kill him on the battlefield if he will challenge Dan in the tournament, but he need to win the ring. Will Vlad Dracul get the prize and the alliance or he will be kill and Dan will take everything?


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