Stage Five: The Reincarnation John C Payne Author
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Jamie Richards is reunited with his old friend, Denis Sweeny, former Navy SEAL and chief protagonist. Jamie has lived a terrible life of risk-taking, sinfulness, and disregard for acceptable human behavior. Nothing could ever stop him. But in the end, justice was served. ISIS is everywhere, spreading like a malignant tumor. The radical extremists have set up shop in America. San Francisco was chosen as the site for a new initiative. Their mission is to recruit disenfranchised, rebellious young females. Initial success is achieved when two runaway teenagers from Nebraska were snared in the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. Out of nowhere, Jamie Richards appears as a reincarnate of his great-grandfather,Thaddeus Ambrose Richards, who was an educated man with a super intellect. Back in the early 1940’s Thaddeus was a member of Colonel Bill Donovan’s OSS, the forerunner of the current CIA. Serving with distinction in WWII, he was killed in a Berlin suburb while attempting to assassinate Frau Koehler, a Nazi propagandist under the spell of Herr Joseph Goebbels. His spiritual soul is conveyed to Jamie in an unorthodox manner on the busy streets of San Francisco. As head of the Special Operations Group, a secretive and elite CIA division, Denis Sweeny hires Jamie to conduct covert activities in San Francisco. In the process, Jamie develops a love interest with the beautiful and dangerous Seri Hakimi, not knowing she is the ISIS recruiting team leader. In a tip from a street person, Jamie seizes the opportunity for heroic actions in minimizing the ISIS destruction of AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. Later, Jamie and Denis team up to infiltrate the ISIS recruitment process and later create major havoc at an ISIS safe house south of the city. The concluding segment of the book involves Jamie’s deployment back to the German city where Thaddeus Ambrose Richards had met his demise during WWII. He is reunited with the now successful and famous, Seri Hakimi. Is Jamie destined to achieve long-awaited fame? Or will he succumb to the same fate as his great-grandfather?


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