Beware Wolves Posing as Financial Planners: A Guide to Ascertaining Financial Advisors' Competency and Integrity Anne M. Schwab, MBA, CFP Author
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When should you use - or not use - a financial planner?How do you find a financial planner you can trust?What should you look for in a financial planner?How can you evaluate his or her competency?Are you among the millions asking yourself those questions?Financial Advisors are NOT created equally. Some are more qualified than others. Some are not qualified at all!Some may cheat you deliberately. Some may cheat you inadvertently.Where do you find answers to your questions?This book sheds light on the following questions:Is the financial planner really a planner? Or is the planner a salesperson masquerading as a planner?What is the difference between a financial planner and a financial advisor?Does the planner have integrity?What tools are available to research a planner’s background and integrity?Does compensation influence the planner’s recommendations?What red flags should alert you?What questions should you ask before you engage your financial planner?Your personal finances are as integrated as the organs in your body – if one or more are not healthy, your overall health will suffer. An experienced financial planner is like a financial doctor – diagnosing your financial symptoms and offering prescription to becoming and remaining financially healthy so that you achieve your financial vision.Learn from an expert with more 25 years’ experience as a Certified Financial Planner.“THE BOOK” for unbiased information aboutfinancial professional’s credentials, compensation and integrity.


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