Social Security: An Essay Edward E. Rochon Author
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A brief preface lays out the purpose of the essay. Chapter 1 notes that retirement can be very hard on the elderly, often to their surprise. They lose the zest for life and the will to life. Chapter 2 proposes to do away with age discrimination and employers' handicaps in hiring seniors by several means. Groups are given full time work hours according to age. Each group is taxed differently. Older brackets are taxed less. This allows employees to pay less for the same work done. This will be legal wage variance and encouraged. Each age bracket has discounts, rebates and incentives for health benefits. The purpose is to make expenses transparent to the employer. In effect, he loses nothing by hiring elderly workers, proportionately to young workers. We encourage work at home for the elderly with help options. This allows youth oriented, innovative employers to keep the old folks out of sight. If needed, SSA should act as a temp employee agency to keep the seniors on benefits employed at some healthy level. There should be no penalties on income earned. The lower benefits for early retirement are discouragement enough. We note that all new plans have troubles but the idea is a sound one.


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