Escape From Colombia Jim Morse Author
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As he’s recovering from injuries he received in the traffic accident that took his wife’s life, Jim Morgan, a recently retired Army doctor, decides to make an extended working visit to Colombia, the South American country where he and his wife had at one time been medical missionaries.While working in the same old clinic he happens to meet an attractive widow whose father has become one of his patients. When one day she conducts him to a secret location to see her sick brother, Jim doesn’t realize that the brother is part of a guerrilla organization until he learns the police are seeking to arrest both of them. Jim feels he has no choice but to flee to the jungle and hide out with the guerrillas.There he must decide whether or not to lend assistance to a group which his own State Department has designated a terrorist organization. That question becomes acute when circumstances stretch his involvement beyond just providing medical care to the guerrillas and their kidnap victims.On day, while helping hospitalize one of those hostages who has suffered a heart attack, he is recognized and imprisoned by the police. The detention center is delighted to receive another doctor and soon puts him to work. Before long he learns that his romantic interest has also been confined there. Somewhat later, and with the help of a sympathetic prison doctor, he devises a ruse that he hopes will make it possible for him and his girlfriend to escape to the United States


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