Project Addiction-The Complete Guide to Using, Abusing and Recovering From Drugs and behaviors Scott A Spackey Author
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Every addictive drug and behavior is as unique as the individual caught in it. This book abandons the recovery-industry “one-size-fits-all” mentality by separating each drug and behavior and provides strategies that are customized, specific and detailed.Addiction is a pathological disorder that affects every society and every culture on this planet and has for thousands of years. It is much more pervasive than other clinical disorders; it is a defect of brain chemistry, mental and emotional wellness, spirituality and character loss.I have pioneered new terms: AD (Addictive Disorder) & APD (Addictive Personality Disorder) as well as new terms for recovery: AP, RP and SP (Abstinence Phase, Recovery Phase and Sobriety Phase).This is one of the only books written by a science-minded, professional who also has 20 years of sobriety from 11 years of narcotics IV using. Most recovery programs and literature today are designed by clinicians who are well educated but cannot personally report on the ineffable experience of addiction and recovery. This lack of personal insight compromises their ability to truly understand and provide the full spectrum of recovery needs.When I began my addiction-recovery I was woefully disappointed in the available programs, as it seems nothing authentic and cerebral was available, no matter how much money, time or commitment I had.The multi-billion dollar recovery-industry, with less than a 9% success rate, needs an overhaul. The recovery industry regurgitates the same treatments, but AD sufferers deserve modern options that are appropriate for this progressive age. There are drugs in this new millennium that did not even exist when many of the current recoveries were established.PROJECT ADDICTION is a usable, innovative, unconventional guide covering the entire spectrum of addictive drugs and behaviors: what it’s like to use them, abuse them, be addicted to them and to liberate from them.No stone is left unturned!Many people cannot resonate with conventional, recovery-industry platforms and require custom designed, original and innovative paradigms. This book teaches how to create them.


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