Magpies and Magic 2: The Great Escape Timothy Michael Lewis Author
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Faced with Princess Candera’s kidnap by the Asperian Secret Service, our heroes attempt to undertake a daring mission to free her. However their usual level of incompetence quickly strikes and they too find themselves imprisoned in Minaturia’s most fearsome prison Ultricon. No one has ever escaped its magically secure interior. Inside the prison it soon becomes clear that they are not alone in their efforts to escape. Joining forces with the existing prisoners they hope soon to escape through an extremely long tunnel. But why do the guards not seem to care about the obvious escape attempt? Why does the tunnel never reach the surface? In the world outside Casper and his forces are being pushed back to their last fortress by Stephanie's superior army. It seems only a matter of time before he is killed or faced with exile to the underworld. The Pentagram Council while gloating of their success wonder about the force possessing Stephanie's body. Why can't they control her in the way they expect? Can they conquer Minaturia and then turn their attention to the world of the Giants? Can they escape? Is Stephanie lost forever, possessed by an unknown evil force? Will Casper avoid defeat from her advancing forces? Will the Pentagram Council succeed in their efforts at world domination? Find out in the next exciting part of the series, Magpies and Magic: The Great Escape.


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