The Gold of the Templars: How to Manifest Financial Abundance Like the Ancient Alchemists Robin Sacredfire Author
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The Knights Templar have never been interested in wealth as the majority of us perceives it, but the control of resources and laws, territories and kings, the unlimited supply of wealth, or the supreme control over the flow of wealth. For this reason, they never truly vanished, but instead transferred their knowledge about alchemy to other investments, within which the explorations of Portugal, Spain and England found their best expression.Although many still believe that alchemy is related to the transformation of metals into gold, this idea was merely created to hide the real studies that were being conducted, related to power, spirituality and spirit. Studies which allow us a more profound experience related to the meaning of life.Along this way, many secrets were discovered, such as the ones regarding the relation between the spirit and the manifestation of wealth. And these are the secrets that this book will reveal to the reader, by describing the main guiding principles behind the belief of the alchemical gold as both a supreme state of the mind and soul, but also a mysterious mechanism to attract abundance.It is based on this belief that in the book of Christian Rosenkreuz, a reference for modern Rosicrucians and Freemasons, it is said: Out with the gold, if it's not the unlimited gold.


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