30-Day Novel: Tips and Tricks for Writing a Novel in Thirty Days Judi Cameron Author
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30-Day Novel Series ~ Book TwoMaybe you’re thinking about writing a 50,000-word novel in a month. Would you like to know what you’re getting yourself into?This guide offers everything you need to know, and probably more than a few things you don’t want to know, about writing a novel in 30 days. Inside these pages, you’ll discover:How to prep for a 30-day writing marathon;What you should do if your muse goes missing;30 ways to write your novel—to make it happen;Tips and tricks for writing a novel in thirty days;The secret to writing a novel in thirty days;30-day checklist of things to do before, during and after your novel-writing month;The truth about writer’s block and brain burn-out;How to get into a magical novel-writing mindset,Visualizing; seeing things that aren’t really there;Dreaming; how to write your book in your sleep;Positive pep talks and a 30-day doubt dialog; andHow to open your imagination and set it free;Writerly words of wisdom are sprinkled throughout the book. There’s also a magical word fairy running through the pages.


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