The Home Juicer's Guide To Health: 3 book boxset Dr. Jay Polmar Author
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Don't kid yourself. You can't possibly get enough vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients from the food you buy in the local supermarket. It’s time, right now, to boost your health with Juicing. You know it, and you've heard about it from famous people for decades. Only through juicing can you provide the essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other key nutrients, all of which support maximum wellness to prevent illness and combat stress. And, you just need to go to the local fruit and vegetable stand or the organics section of your market or farmer's market to get the health fresh fruits and vegetables you need to build your immune system. Here's are 50 tips to help you succeed in rebuilding your health and immune system. Many of us need to increase our daily intake of fruit and vegetables. We are the champions of the world when it comes to getting enough carbs, protein, and fat, but we’re sorely lacking when it comes to getting more micronutrients.While the Centers For Disease Control recommend adults consume about 1 ½ to 2 cups of fruit and 2 to 3 cups of vegetables daily, an analysis of American diets between 2007 and 2010 found that 50% of the population ate less than 1 cup of fruit and less than 1 ½ cups of vegetables.An astounding 76% of people did not eat nearly enough fruit, and 87% did not eat enough vegetables. Many people simply don’t like eating vegetables. Broccoli is tough, cabbage is chewy, and carrots can break your teeth if they haven’t been boiled long enough and let’s not get started on that stringy asparagus!However, fruit and vegetables are where essential micronutrients are to be found and juicing is a great way to easily pack more of them into a well-balanced and healthy diet.Join the juicing revolution and for good reason, it is healthy, convenient and allows you to get key vitamins and minerals from plant foods that may be missing from your diet. Juicing is the best way to get your body pumped and primed for a revitalizing workout session. When you juiced, you cram loads of essential nutrients into one glass that will power your workout and improve your results with each exercise you perform.Besides the important health benefits, key plant nutrients give you energy so you perform at your best in your workouts and get the most out of your exercise efforts.Most of us don’t like eating a lot of whole fruit and vegetables, we struggle to get our fill of the essential micronutrients that our bodies really need.Micronutrients are nature 's gift or our bodies and minds. Without them, our bodies aren’t ready for a workout.Juicing is a fantastic and tasty way of stuffing yourself with the right amount of nutrients at the right time in a convenient manner.Get ready to learn all about the ultimate warriors of the juicing world. You’re going to discover the nutrients, the fruit, and vegetables that enhance your workout, boost your staying power, and help you take your exercise regimen to the next level.


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