How to Craft Warm Emails: Write Business Emails that get Opened and Read Samwel Katambi Author
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The success of your business in the information age depends much on how you communicate with clients and visitors. The de facto standard arena that you use to meet with visitors and clients is through written text on the web in the form of emails. But those emails need to be useful, timely, and presented in a way the impress people. They need to help readers achieve their goals.If you don’t impress clients and prospects with your communication skills then you lose their trust and they will go away and will never come back. You have at most seven seconds to make a good first impression. That is right, 7 seconds only to make a potential customer or client decide if he/she is going to buy something or do business with you. This is because in business, your first impression set the tone for the rest of your relationship with your customers and clients.This book gives you techniques, standards, rules and procedures of how to write effective emails. It also guide you on how to write business text messages as well as voicemail etiquette guidelines when communicating with customers, clients, work colleagues, and visitors in your business.


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