500+ Ways to Save Money Mike Yarlett Author
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This is the money saving guide you've been waiting for.500+ Ways to Save Money is for beginning and experienced savers alike.Even with well-paying jobs, Mike Yarlett spent everything he made. Losing his job during the Great Recession was his financial wake-up call. Mike finally quit fooling around and began managing and investing his cash. Now in his mid-50s, he is debt free and building a retirement portfolio that will easily sustain him and his family in the coming years. This book will help you escape the financial blunders Mike made.500+ Ways to Save Money is an easy to read money-saving guide. Every tip is short and easy to understand. The tips cover food, housing, clothing, recreation, health care, and much more! In this book you'll learn how to have a satisfying life free from the stress of bills and debts! 500+ Ways to Save Money will help you successfully save more money, so you won't have to live paycheck to paycheck.Whether you only want a few or many tips, this book can help you increase your wealth.                          You'll Wish You Could Have Read it Years Ago!                                          


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