Enticed By His Embrace, Part Two (The Man Next Door) Emma Kincaid Author
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*****This is a 3-part serial **** He's a man with deep secrets that only he and the person closest to him knows. She's a woman desperate to hold everything together for the sake of her and her son. When he moves in next door to her everything is about to change. The sprawling house at the end of Dunstan Drive has been empty for some time. That’s before mysterious, wealthy entrepreneur, Hadrian Blackthorne moves in. The dashing and carefree businessman is debonair, charismatic, suave and acutely aware of his affect on women. He can have any woman he wants, but has a fetish for forbidden women. There’s something very satisfactory to him about the power of luring a woman from the arms of her protective husband and romancing her the way she deserves to be. And as it turns out, Dunstan Drive is full of desirable, eager wives willing to share Hadrian's enormous bed. All except for the woman he really wants. The elusive Astrid Woodrow, who proves she isn’t such an easy catch. Astrid Woodrow is a wife and mother struggling to maintain normalcy her life in the midst of her estranged marriage. But when her deadbeat husband’s gambling habit threatens the livelihood of her and her son and everything begins to fall apart, Hadrian’s doting and attention on her suddenly take on a whole new meaning. Will Hadrian drop his guards and spill his deepest darkest secrets and allow his heart to make way for the love of one woman? Or worse yet, will falling in love with her mysterious next door neighbour prove to be a fatal mistake for Astrid? 


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