Tara's Escape: A Supernatural Uprising Novel: Book 2 Jayelle Cochran Author
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A past riddled with pain...From her abusive father to the government scientists that performed sadistic experiments on her, Tara never had the love and protection of a family that accepted her as one of their own. A fighter since birth, she escapes the scientists only to become caught in the web of a criminal family and their militaristic underground movement. Tara believes their offer to be her salvation and becomes devoted to the cause. It isn't long before her fellow operatives, and their combined efforts to free those the government holds captive, fills a hole within her that has been left vacant in her childhood.In a quest to free her people, a spy becomes a slave...A mission gone wrong earns Tara a position of honor within the movement. One of the prominent leaders of the Vinachelli family saves Tara's life by claiming her as his personal operative. When her new position includes recruiting her long lost brother to hunt a traitor, Tara realizes that her choices have cost more than her own personal freedoms.The time has come for Tara to decide if the man who has earned her loyalty is a man she can trust, or does the insanity of the Vinachelli line run through his veins too?


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