How To Buy And Sell Gold & Silver PRIVATELY: Must Know Strategies To Keep Your Portfolio Private, Stay In The IRS's Good Graces, Know Your Tax Require
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This is a MUST READ book for ALL Gold and Silver Investors who want to stay off the radar and remain TOTALLY PRIVATE.Readers are loving this book! There is so much confusing and contradictory information in the marketplace about this subject.As you know, PRIVACY has become a huge issue these days. We probably have less privacy now than at any other time in the past.Probably like you, I'm a hard working, tax-paying, God fearing American and I value my privacy.The great news is, precious metals can be one of the most private investments you can make, IF you do it correctly.This book will carefully walk you through it all and sort out the truth from the myths. It will clearly show you the smart way to invest in metals so your investments will be completely invisible to everyone... including the government. If you get this wrong, it can devastate your investment plans. If you get this right, you will sleep much better at night knowing much of your wealth is off the radar.It is truly a must-have book. I shouldn't have to say this but this book is completely above board and completely compliant with the laws of the United States. You will find nothing here that talks about circumventing the laws and/or taxes, or doing anything at all that is not completely 100% above board.If you do this correctly, there is no need to even think about bending any laws. The laws are already there. And they are very favorable to precious metals anyway, if you follow the rules. This book simply shows you how to take maximum advantage of the laws that are already there and still stay completely private.Here are just some of the things you will learn in this book:*Why All Of The Confusion and misinformation about this subject*Start With a Plan, This Is Critical*Buying Precious Metals Privately – Reporting Requirements – Limitations & Restrictions*Exact Types of Bullion Items That Can Be Bought Privately*Buying With Cash – Restrictions & Reporting*Do You Have To Pay Sales Tax When Buying Precious Metals*Bullion Items That Can Be Sold Privately*Bullion Items That Cannot Be Sold Privately*Capital Gains Reporting Requirements*How To Totally Stay Off The Radar And Make Your Metals Invisible*Tips On Storing Your Metals PrivatelyAt the end of the book, you will also gain access to the best place I know of to buy metals at the very lowest prices.Want to stay off the grid? Want to do things right and be able to sleep like a baby at night? Invest a little time in reading this book and you will be amazed at how empowered you will feel when investing in precious metals. This book will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make wise metals buying decisions.Buy this book now. It will SAVE you a ton of money, help you make smarter decisions, enable you to stay off the radar, and sleep great at night.Not buying this book can cost you a ton of money and get you in a heap of trouble.Some of those people who share your wise views are Jim Rogers, Michael Maloney, Robert Kiyosaki, Kevin Hogan, James Turk, Richard Duncan, Timothy Ferriss, Warren Buffet, Brendon Burchard, Kyle Bass, Peter Schiff and Marc Faber just to name a few.Don't wait another second. Scroll up and click on the Buy Now button and get started buying gold and silver PRIVATELY, the right way, right now. It's simply too important to wait.


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