Season One: Dead And Alive - Date Night (Episode Two) Ileandra Young Author
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Second part in Ileandra Young's brand new, multi-season, paranormal thriller, Dead And AliveMichael Garran has arranged the most perfect, romantic outing of his life: champagne, strawberries and a ring, all for his girlfriend of three years, Stephanie. But when a bloodied, blonde-haired, mad woman crashes their midnight picnic, the surprise becomes somewhat more lethal.As the stranger attacks with tooth and nails, Michael is forced to battle for his life and that of Stephanie. He awakes after the fight in a speeding ambulance with only the vaguest sense of what he did and what happened to his new fiancée.But he does remember one thing; the woman who attacked them bit him on the throat, and did so with a mouthful of bright, white fangs.


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