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You’ve spent hours upon hours putting together your website, finding a good hosting company, and developing content that will make your readers want to keep coming back for more.Then, you wake up in the middle of the night with a chilling thought: You’ve forgotten to include an opt-in list on your site!Quickly you hop online and scour the Internet for in-depth articles and expert advice and you discover that the key to Internet marketing success - no matter if you have a basic blog, an online storefront, or a membership website - is to have an email opt-in list so that you can gather your visitor’s email addresses and begin marketing to them directly.The cold, hard reality sets in that by not offering your visitors a way to subscribe for ongoing information, you’re losing money. So, you spend big bucks to hire a professional to develop an opt-in form for you, and to write content for the periodic emails that you sent out.  After several months, you’ve spent a lot of money and have built a large list - but are generating very few sales from your list.You’re baffled.  You know that other people are making money from their lists, so why aren’t you able to as well?The secret to successful email marketing is to gain the trust and loyalty of your subscribers.  Do this and you'll see the return on investment of your opt in email marketing campaign dramatically increase.  In this book you'll learn the step by step methods used to establish yourself as an expert in your field, plus you will learn:* How to make the most of your email marketing* How to sell using email marketing* How to be yourself online* How to use Opt-In Pages, Subject Lines, Power Nouns and Action Verbs & Welcome Messages* When, where and how often to send your email marketing messages* How to attract and keep eager subscribersBonnie Stone is the author of several books, including: Members Daily - Volumes 1 & 2, How To Choose A Free WordPress Theme, and Easy WP Transfer


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