Passive Income: Introduction Power of Money (MONEY IS POWER, #1) Gary Lewin Author
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PASSIVE INCOME: POWER OF MONEY INTRODUCTION (Book #1) :Lessons about the value of Money Beyond MaterialWhat exactly is the Power of Money?We live in a material world mobilized and built by the power of money. This is reality, but don’t get this wrong. Money is more than just the coins and paper notes you work hard for and every day. It’s all about what money can do for you and how the power of money can make you live more. This book, “PASSIVE INCOME: POWER OF MONEY INTRODUCTION (Book #1) ”, will teach you lessons about the value of money beyond material wealth. The fundamental lessons include:-  How the human mind decides what to do with money-  How the world today is more involved with money than ever-  How money today is used for gaining knowledge and information-  The importance of money in modern day households-  Getting rid of the ‘living less’ mindset-  What is the key for escaping the ‘rat race’-  And many more! The longer you wait, the more you are in danger of spending your entire life feeling trapped in an endless pursuit of financial success and significance. Of course, you should always start with a clear vision – and this book will help give you the clearest vision possible!


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