In Search of the Next POTUS (President of the United States): One Woman's Quest to Fix Washington, a True Story Judy Frankel Author
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Master gardener, tree pruner, revolutionary. An unlikely heroine who discovers a little-known fact that will protect the country's food supply, even in severe weather. But to make it work, she needs to reach the President of the United States.Part personal journey, part call to action, In Search of the Next POTUS (President of the United States) tackles the seemingly impossible task of making government responsive to the urgent needs of Americans. In this true adventure, political activist Judy Frankel shows how to combat corruption in Congress while choosing a qualified leader for the White House. Her humorous and heartbreaking crusade to overhaul Washington from the top down navigates the pitfalls of being a David in Goliath's world.Frankel illuminates today's unpublicized political landscape to reveal a six-point plan that is gaining momentum in grassroots groups across the United States. Without having to wait for Congress to get their act together, In Search of the Next POTUS gives voters the power to fix the U.S. government for good.Join Judy's impassioned battle to safeguard our future. Regardless of party affiliation, In Search of the Next POTUS should be mandatory reading before the 2016 election.Reviews:The author is upbeat and offers positive solutions to problems that can seem disheartening and overwhelming. At the end of In Search of the Next POTUS, the reader will truly feel that even though the choking ivy of special-interest money has grown deep over our representational democracy, if we work together, we can clear root and branch, [and] restore our productive nation.– Craig Clevidence, Director, Renew DemocracyBy including her own personal experiences the book reads like a novel, which was so great.– Susan Durik, Author, How You Can Fight Human TraffickingIf you're overwhelmed by the bleak political, social, environmental and financial picture our country has gotten itself into, you may have given up hope. Do yourself a favor and get this book ASAP!– Sherie Stark, JournalistEven if you're apolitical, you will enjoy her adventures as she learns the ins and outs of our political quagmire. You will share her sense of empowerment when she determines that change is possible and develops the framework for accomplishing this monumental task.– Christine Lynch, Author Tender Points: A Fibromyalgia MemoirI was literally tearing up as I read the last few chapters. What a powerful vision for us to rally around!– James Montgomery, Space Exploration Systems Engineer


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