Racism: The Final Conflict Richard Sparks Author
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The last conflict created by the devil to be destroyed I feel is racism. Racism does so much more than simply divide us as God’s children. It prevents us from becoming who we are in the Lord by maintaining a window of access into our being. This window is opened by so many things that the devil has placed in our lives. Hate, jealousy, envy, strife, judgmental spirits based on stereotypes, bitterness and unforgiveness are all windows into our being. Everywhere I travel I see racism. It is not just limited to a few rednecks in Alabama, but has consumed our country.Our churches are not exempted from this type spirit either. Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America. Because Christians cannot see people as God’s creation, pure and holy, blessed of God, they cannot join together in worship. We as the church wonder why racism is real today but we cannot even go to church with a person of another color, let alone work or play together. If the church does not stand up and defeat racism, it will never be defeated.You cannot legislate morality. You cannot make people get alone with each other the way God intended by passing more race laws. It will take the changed heart of mankind to accomplish that. And the changed heart can only come from a relationship with Christ Jesus.Growing up in rural Alabama, I have witness racism first hand. I have seen the workings of the hate groups. I have seen how the Ku Klux Klan and militia groups operate. I have seen how they justify themselves with the Bible and say they are serving God. But, they are deceived! They have been lead astray by the devil. I have also, seen how churches segregate themselves from one another based on race, ethnic backgrounds and social standings. It makes me sad to see the state of the church today and how much hatred there is in America.The chapters of this book seek to discuss how racism works. It is designed to open your eyes and heart to the problem and battle that is racism. Yes, it is a battle. I have called it the final conflict. When we can defeat this devil, the hold the devil has on America will be broken.


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