Calling All Overcomers: An Interpretation of the Book of Revelation James Harman Author
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Perplexed by the book of Revelation? Not sure what all the signs, symbols and metaphors really mean? Jim Harman's latest work unravels Apostle John's remarkable revelation of Jesus Christ and what's in store for the inhabitants of planet Earth. This extraordinary commentary is not another cookie-cutter, rehash of the popular teachings fostered by the Left Behind phenomena so prevalent in today's church. This unique book outlines the 7 strategic sections of John's vision that are further divided into 7 segments. The reader will come away with a new and enlightened understanding of what the last book in God's Word is all about. Understand the book of Revelation and why it is so important for believers living in the last days of the Church age.Calling All Overcomers is more than the title to this's the personal call of God's own heart. One of the central messages in the book of Revelation is that God is calling men to be genuine overcomers. Jesus Christ has been sent out from the throne of God to conquer men's hearts so they can also be overcomers.The purpose of this book is to encourage people to embrace him as the King of their heart and allow his life to reign in theirs. He wants you to be able to overcome by his mighty power and strength living inside of you just as He overcame for all of us. Jesus will be looking for a faithful remnant qualified to rule and reign with him when he returns. This book will help you prepare to be the overcomer Jesus will be looking for.Learn about: Who the Rider on the 1st Horse Really Is, the 7 Blessings Available to Believers, How to be a Genuine Overcomer, 7 Promises Available to All Overcomers, Sign of Christ's Coming and much, much more.


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