Willpower: 62 Self-Control and Discipline Techniques for More Happiness in Your Life Kirk Mahoney Author
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Do you want to know how to apply self-control and discipline to your life?Do you have questions like these about willpower?* How do commitment and progress affect my willpower?* Is there such a thing as too much willpower?* How do pride, shame, and guilt affect my willpower?* What are some simple things that I can do to protect my willpower?* Which runs out first, muscle energy or willpower?Willpower answers these questions -- and many more -- by covering:* Thirteen ways that your thoughts and feelings affect your willpower* Three impacts of your physiology on your willpower* Ten willpower recommendations about your diet* Twelve research-driven approaches to maximizing your willpower to work out* Six connections between everyday activities and your willpower* Four willpower implications for goal-support groups* Six effects of authority figures and strangers on your willpower* Eight opportunities to leverage willpower research for your futureEach chapter of Willpower begins by challenging you with a question. The chapter then gives you the correct answer, the research behind it, and a practical technique that you can apply right away.Do you need this book? Take the willpower test today at 1sf.us/wtest .


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