God's Little Finger E. R. Bridgman Author
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God's Little Finger - The Trilogy, is Science fiction meets Christian fiction meets real life with humor, romance, anger, frustration and aggravation and a healthy dose of what a Christian is supposed to be and to do. Biblical truths and prophecy are injected at few and various times but are bold in their deliveries and the book's main message.The book is about 95% conversational between JohnAthan Edward David O'Brannon and among his mother, Sylvia; wife, Angela and most of the other characters that are within John's universe.Like his last name implies, he is Irish and a wee bit on the hot-headed side. He also had a strange unknown power when he was a child, from age 5 to puberty, then it disappeared as quickly as it arrived. Within the very first days of January, 2021, he is very belligerent at an alien entity when it approached and called out to him and they have a lively conversation. The alien is not an alien, but God. Then The Power returns into his DNA. Then things really heat up. There is a lot of wranglings and twists in his life, from a military viewpoint of his inventions to meeting an old friend who becomes his wife. Space travel and bases and orbiting stations then present themselves near the end, for the future of mankind. . . . Only God has the final resting place and powers, in and through His Spirit, to change and rejuvenate human bodies.JohnAthan tells his wife, Angela: Religion will not save us. Only the relationship offered by God to us, through his Son, our Lord and Savior, Messiah God, Jesus, will save us.


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