The Development of Modern Europe - From the Wars of Louis XIV to the Congress of Vienna (Volume I of II) James Harvey Robinson Author
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An excellent history of the development of Europe from the expansionist wars of Louis XIV through the rise of Prussia and the conquests of Napoleon to the Congress of Vienna. Brilliantly and clearly written, the Development of Modern Europe is a valuable resource for students of world history seeking a deeper understanding of the unfolding and shaping of European history. Contents include: FRANCE UNDER LOUIS XIV EUROPE AND LOUIS XIV RECONSTRUCTION OF EUROPE AT UTRECHT RUSSIA AND PRUSSIA BECOME EUROPEAN POWERS THE WARS OF FREDERICK THE GREAT THE STRUGGLE BETWEEN FRANCE AND ENGLAND FOR INDIA THE RIVALRY OF FRANCE AND ENGLAND IN NORTH AMERICA THE OLD RÉGIME IN EUROPE THE SPIRIT OF REFORM THE ENLIGHTENED DESPOTS OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY THE EVE OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION THE FRENCH REVOLUTION THE FIRST FRENCH REPUBLIC NAPOLEON BONAPARTE EUROPE AND NAPOLEON THE RECONSTRUCTION OF EUROPE AT THE CONGRESS OF VIENNA


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