The Perfect Rebound Rebecca K. Watts Author
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NBA star Evan Jordan had it all—millions in the bank, a luxury penthouse, nice cars, endless endorsement—but in one moment, his world was turned upside down. Reeling from the heartbreak of his long-term girlfriend, Evan goes on a path of sowing his wild oats. One look at the brown cinnamon beauty and he knew she held the answers to his problems.Desperate to put the pain of receiving a wedding invitation from her ex-husband and his mistress behind her, Victoria Williams sets out for a night on the town. The sexy man whose arms she falls into is just the stress reliever she needs. The issue—he’s white, nearly a decade younger than her, and the center of media attention.What they soon discover hidden behind their one night stand is a fiery passion that ignites and bursts into flames. With women at Evan’s disposal every waking hour, why can’t he get Victoria out of his mind? Can they overcome their obstacles and fight for their love or will the fear of Victoria being with a younger high profile white man destroy their chances forever?


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