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The mention of Latin America generates mystique, revolutions, soccer and third world country status. Ask most to name countries in South America and the first mentioned might be Colombia or Brazil. Ecuador has recently been in the news as a top choice for expat retirees, but what about this country? Ecuador In Your Pocket is a Travel Guide of eight cities in this amazing land as seen from the eyes of an American, with traveling and living experience that spans 40 years. While not exhaustive, the reader will get a glimpse of what this Equatorial Treasure to Mankind, as chosen by UNESCO, has to excite a newcomer to this still undiscovered land.Follow along from the capital city of Quito, nestled nearly two miles high in the mountains below the volcanic peaks of Mt. Pichincha, to the tropical beaches and surf on the coast of Montañita. Sip a fresh Piña Colada right from the coconut shell.The more intrepid should be ready for Puyo, the doorway to the Amazon regions of Ecuador’s lush jungle. Experience the Napo or Cuyabeno Rivers, where fresh water porpoise and dolphin can be seen.Mindo will delight you with more bird species than you can count, along with nearly as many butterflies in the Mariposario. Wanna go tubing on the river rapids? Mindo offers many opportunities for tubing, depending on the time of year. The rainy season from October through April will generate some extreme experiences, while the dry season will give you something to tell all your friends about.Baños offers thermal pools, and the possibility of some very special light shows from the source of the heat for those waters. That would be the active volcano, Tungurahua. Explosive eruptions have been constant since 1999, with events occurring several times yearly. You never know when you may be witness to an impressive seismic event. Riobamba is another city at the foothills of Mt. Chimborazo, a less active volcano, yet responsible for this cities destruction as late as 1948. Many may decide to indulge in trekking, and you will have Carihuairazo, Chimborazo, Sangay, El Altar, and the Lost Pyramid of Puñay to chose from. From the highest mountains and volcanos to pristine beaches of the Pacific Coast. Jungles teeming with life to the arid regions near the Equatorial center of the country, Ecuador challenges the imagination. There is so much more. Discover for yourself this “Jewel of the Andes.†Put Ecuador In Your Pocket!


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