How to Attract Your Soul Mate: Transform Your Thoughts, Release Resistance and Open to Receive the Love of Your Life Wendy Bett Author
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Have you been trying unsuccessfully to attract your soul mate? Have you been taking all of the right actions but still nothing is happening?The problem may not be with the actions you're taking, but rather your energy might not be lined up with the outcome you want to receive.Attracting a partner is a similar process that you would use to attract anything else into your life, like money, success, and wealth.First you need to get crystal clear about what you want, you need to consistently keep your thoughts and beliefs focused on having it, you need to align with it (energetically), and finally, open to receive it.If even one of these areas is out of balance, it can hold back the arrival of your desire.How can you tell if one of these areas is out of balance? The biggest clue is the way you feel.Do any of these feelings describe you?- Do you feel lonely when you see other happy couples?- Are you sick and tired of being single?- Do you feel frustrated that your soul mate still hasn't shown up?- Are you jealous of others who already have what you want?- Do you feel like you'll never meet Mr. or Ms. Right?Feelings like these are strong indicators that you are not energetically aligned with the relationship you desire. Your feelings and beliefs don't yet match the outcome you want, which keeps holding it back.The good news is that it doesn't take long to change your thoughts, feelings and beliefs so that you start making much faster progress toward your chosen outcome.When you start changing the way you think, develop more positive beliefs, bring your energy into alignment and start opening to receive your heart's desires, suddenly, everything starts changing. Even before anything has changed on the outside, you can feel a shift happening within you. You'll start truly knowing that the loving relationship you want is not only possible, but it's on its way to you right now.This book will help you start releasing any inner blockages you may have on the subject of relationships. You'll learn how to rewrite your beliefs so they support your vision of a loving relationship; you'll dissolve resistance that may be holding you back; you'll gain clarity about the type of partner you really want; and you'll line up your energy with the essence of love and start allowing more of it into your life.Each day for the next 30 days you will enjoy some inspiring exercises that will begin changing your thoughts, beliefs and feelings on the subjects of love and relationships. These exercises are deliberately geared to making you feel as if your soul mate is already here in your life.When it comes to using the Law of Attraction, that's one of the most important techniques you can use. Feel as if you have it right now, and you will start attracting all of the resources, ideas and opportunities that will help you draw it into your life.If you're ready to finally release the blockages that are holding you back, this book will show you exactly how to move deliberately and quickly toward the relationship of your dreams.


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