Unexpected Hero: Book One of the Heavy Waite Chronicles J. R. Shehorn Author
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American heroes honor life and liberty; martyrs death and intolerance.An adventure novel about the Afghanistan War, Unexpected Hero follows a Special Ops prodigy who uncovers Osama bin Laden’s legacy mission to steal a nuclear bomb. Since his boyhood visit to Ground Zero, this young American warrior has devoted his life to fighting terrorism. Special Ops training has honed his unique talents into a fearless fighting machine with a surprisingly gentle soul. Now Lieutenant “Heavy” Waite, a nickname that only hints of his incredible physical stature, can no longer afford to hide his extraordinary powers. Heavy Waite faces impossible odds on a desperate mission to search and rescue two British prisoners from a sadistic jihadist with a terrorist army and a taste for blood. But even more is at stake when Heavy Waite suspects that a nuclear weapon has gone missing from Pakistan. Heavy Waite’s life, the lives of the prisoners and the destiny of the world depend on his actions and the conscience of a single Taliban soldier—Armagan Ali Khan. A story reminiscent of the courageous American heroes who defined and shaped our nation, it reveals the clash of cultures that threatens America and reverberates across the Middle East, Central Asia and the globe.


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