Golf's #1 Swing Secret: The True Center of your Golf Swing and How to Make it Work: How to Play Golf like Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus & Tiger Woods - Gol
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Do the Pro's have a Secret - Their swings look different yet they all produce fantastic results?The answer may be yes because they all do one thing in common - From Bobby Jones to Tiger Woods. They use the True Center of their Golf Swings the same way!Contrary to some opinion the True Center is not the Spine, the Spine is the center of the shoulders but the complete Golf Swing is a much bigger picture. The Golf Swing is a chain of many pieces that must occur fluidly and sequentially. The True Center is the glue that holds the pieces together. It is the thing that provides the power, consistency and accuracy in your Golf Swing and it is the one thing you must do the same every time.It is simple physics - The Golf Swing is a rotational move and it needs a rotation point. If the rotation point is consistent the Club Head will be consistent to the ball. If the rotation point is inconsistent you will need to make in-swing corrections to get the Club Head to the ball.Having a consistent Center will allow you to make Tweaks to your swing and this allows you to zone-in on what produces the best results. This is much different from making up front changes hoping to find results.The key is to get the one right part, into the right place - Every Time! This is the #1 thing you should be concerned with in your Golf Swing because - If your Center is working properly the rest of your swing will occur more naturally.The Good News is - This is a simple, step process. This Guide shows you how to easily do it and makes Golf more Fun.


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