Date with Death (Destroyer Series #57) Warren Murphy Author
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Two hundred and forty-two men are all that stand between American democracy and plutocratic dictatorship, and they don’t even know it. Two hundred and forty-two unremarkable men who occupy key positions, a few steps removed from the levers of power. Two hundred and forty-two men who Miles Quantril, visionary CEO of the Dream Date corporation, intends to subvert, seduce or suborn into handing him North America on a silver platter. He has the motive and the means. His only problem? A man named Smith. Well, that’s where his problem begins…Remo Williams is The Destroyer, an all-American cop recruited—through highly unorthodox methods—by a secret government law-enforcement organization. Trained in the esoteric martial art of Sinanju by his aged Korean mentor, Chiun, Remo is America's last line of defense against mad scientists, organized crime, ancient undead gods, and anything else that threatens the Constitution. An action-adventure series leavened with social and political satire, the Destroyer novels have been thrilling readers worldwide for decades.


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