The Realms of War Trilogy 3 (Fantasy Erotica Bundle) Jenna Powers Author
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The survivors against the Horde try to strengthen their forces and begin a rebellion. Leila, Aewyn and Ariel, along with the newly found Meriel and the humans Robyn and Grace try to fight the Horde. The lust potion continues to be used to capture females for the Horde. This trilogy bundles the Realms of War 7, The Realms of War 8 and The Realms of War 9.The Realms of War 7After the fall of the Elven empires, the humans gather around to determine what they need to do to fight the Horde. Princess Grace joins in on the meeting of the Council of Men and happens upon an interesting conversation. Before she can realize what is happening, the Horde attacks! Princess Grace and her guard, Robyn, are captured by trolls. Can the two escape from their powerful grasps?The Realms of War 8The Orcish Horde had taken siege of the human kingdoms and the Elves have already fallen. The survivors of Erun, Leila, her sister Aewyn, Ariel, and the last Princess of Erun, Meriel, work with the survivors of the human king of Orderon, Lady Grace and her guard, Robyn to try to find a safe haven. When the five arrive at Orderon, they are shattered as they see that the kingdom has already been destroyed. When a group of humans rush towards them, Grace is relieved, thinking that ther people are still alive.Unfortunately, two powerful Ogre Magi appear and cause chaos. Outmatched, the five try to run, but Ariel stays behind to ensure that at least the other four survive. However, her sacrifice is short lived when she awakens inside a barrel full of the clear goo that affects her emotions. The two ogre magi eagerly await for the effects of the clear goo to take over the High Priestess. Can Ariel handle the power of two Ogres or is their strength and dexterity too much for her?The Realms of War 9As the Ice Mistress Ariel makes a demoralizing decision, Leila, Aewyn, Meriel Grace and Robyn are faced with fending for themselves with a group of rescued prisoners. As they try to figure out a new plan, they are overwhelmed by a surprise attack from the Horde. Leila, Aewyn and Robyn try to fend off the attack but as the numbers pile on, Grace and Meriel are captured by Orcs! Leila makes a tough decision to be captured alongside Robyn to try to track down the Orcs.When Lady Grace awakes, she finds herself surrounded by brutish Orcs and has been covered in the strange substance known as the Call of the Krakenos. As her body begins to react to the potion, the Orcs easily sense her excitement. Can Lady Grace's royal blood possibly help her fight the effects of the potion or does she succumb to the Orcs surrounding her?It is highly recommended that the Realms of War 1-6 be read prior to reading this bundle, though not required. The six books are also bundled under the Realms of War: The Fall of the Elves.


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