The Language Code: How to Stop Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Stress and Depression Philos Sopher Author
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THE LANGUAGE CODEHow to Stop and Cure Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Stress and Depression. THE ONLY BOOK NEEDED, to UNDERSTAND how the Language Based Thinking Mind Tricks you into Negative thought patterns, which then cause ANXIETY, WORRY, FEAR, STRESS and DEPRESSION. PACKED with POWERFUL CONTENT to furnish your MIND with GREATER UNDERSTANDING of HOW to LIVE in the MOMENT and STAY PRESENT at ALL TIMES. THIS BOOK UNCOVERS the MAIN Conflicts of the MIND which CAUSE UNNECESSARY EMOTIONAL REACTIONS that VIEL the PRESENT MOMENT. There are NO TEDIUS EXERCISES to follow, This Book is NOT Used to market ANY External Product/Service and This Book is Not used to sell FURTHER BOOKS. PLEASE LET GO of Needless Unproven Thought, Remove Tainted Vision and for Once Again, SEE CLEARLY.


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