Mossy Foot Stories: How God Is Healing and Transforming Lives Among Ethiopia's Poor and Marginalized Sharon Barlow Daly Author
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Bazite’s feet became so large and swollen that she could not walk. Zelalem’s feet were so deformed and ghastly that his grade-school teacher asked him to stop coming to class. Aster’s oozing, sore-ridden feet smelled so bad that her husband compared her to a chicken. Like so many people in Ethiopia’s Wolaita region, these three suffered from non-filarial elephantiasis—better known as mossy foot disease. In Ethiopia, people with the dreaded mossy foot condition are mostly poor and hopeless, and they end up becoming outcasts. Yet there is a remedy for this disease. For nearly two decades the Mossy Foot Project has been providing physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to hundreds of people like Bazite, Zelalem, and Aster. This book tells the inspiring, breathtaking stories of their journeys from misery and ostracism to restoration and wholeness.


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