From the Prison of Pain to the Mountain Top of Freedom Pamela Anderson Author
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Have you ever felt so sad and grieved that you begged God to end it all? Have you’ve ever shouted at God trying to understand why? Do you feel trapped in a prison of pain? If you’ve lost someone you love you probably feel like no one can understand the depth of pain you’re feeling. You may feel like you can’t trudge through another day of sorrow so deep you feel drained emotionally, spiritually and physically. Losing a loved one through death or any kind of separation creates intensely deep pain. Pam Anderson shares the torrents of sorrow that wracked her body and soul after losing her husband, son and close friends in a plane crash. From her raw emotions and transparent feelings you will sense that someone truly understands your personal tragedy. The pages of her four-month journal chronicle her journey From the Prison of Pain to the Mountaintop of Freedom. She shares how God comforted her in countless way, and how He can carry you through any circumstances to a peaceful, joyful life in Him.


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