Joey Paypal. Im Coming To Take Back My Bank Of America Streets. Joseph Anthony Alizio Jr. Author
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Yes. I Do Publish My eBooks and My Paperback Books In All Capital Letters.I Do This Because My Writing Is Easier For All Of Us To Read This Way.Melissa Sexy F.B.I. Hoe: Joey Does This Because He Has A Great Big Fat Fucking Penis.Yes.Masterbating Mishas Misheys: Just Check Joey's Twitter @JOEYALIZIO Alone Then Bitches!Oh Yes! Oh Fuck! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! The Man Puts His Shitte On Up Hoe s. All Of His Shitte On Up.Yes. I Am Cleaning Up My Descriptiones Act Right Here Hoe s.No. I Did Not Have To Do This At All. But...Oh Yes Bitches!But....I Want More From My Writing. Yes. I Want More From All Of You.Melissa F.B.I. Hoe Smiling Most Fun Me Ley Lays Yes! Most Funnily Now:Joseph Is Bullshitting All Of Us Again Right Here.Yes.Misty Cute Lil Miss F.B.I. Hoe Again: Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Yes! Oh Yes!Oh Fuck! Ohhhhh God-Damnittes! This Music Just Turns Me On Now Joey!Music. The Sounds Of Joey's Sweet Voice With His Writing Now. Yes.Yes. Lesa Christina Pristinas Lesbian Wishes Dreams With Hopes Now Hoe s.Bold Red Faced Army Bratted Ups Bitches: One Cool Fine Missey Womans!Yes. These Twat Fine Finders Pussy Keepers. Army Corps Of Female Engineers USA.Trigga Jewey Mind Healthy Hoes Oh Yes!Misty Nudie Strippee Strips Dancer Sluttey Hoe s.Oh Just Whistling To Herself: Oh Cum My Lady! Cum Cum My Ladies! Oh Fuck Yes Joey!Melissa Grinds Moves It For Women Only.Joey Put This Rule On In. Joey Did This Himself.He Had To Have Done So Right Here (?). This Is All Fucking Set-Up Fake Anyways.I Get Orders. I Am Presented With Commands. All Of This To Do With Joseph Right Here.Yes. They The Fake C.I.A. George W. Bush Nigga Mouths.Most All Americas Most Wanted Melissa F.B.I. Hoe To Be Abusive To Herself...and Oh Wow Right Heres! Oh Yes!With Lo and Beholds 2Nows: These Fucking Men Are All Gay Queers Right Here!Yes. Lesbian = A Womans Means Of Self Defense Against These Women Hating Men.Yes. Queer = All Of These Jealous Enemy Men Acting Military Illegally Against Joseph.BANG!YES. 42 FORTY-TWO PUBLISHED PAPERBACK BOOKS. (WITH MORE COMING ON UP) OH YES! YES! BANG! BANGS! NOW JOEY WOWEYS!OH YES. MY NAME IS MR. JOSEPH ANTHONY ALIZIO JR.MY WRITER PUBLISHED AUTHORNAMES ARE...1. EDWARD JOSEPH ELLIS.2. VINCENT JOSEPH ALLEN.YES. BANG! BANGS! NOW HOE S.I AM BROKE ON SOCIAL SECURITY.ALL OF MY BOOK SALES HAVE BEEN ILLEGALLY BLOCKED.MY CHARACTERS ARE ALL STRAIGHT PHUCKING KILLERS.KOOL HIP FINE W I L D . HOT MISS JENNIFER MELISSA HOE:JOEY IS THE STRAIGHTEST FUCKING PUSSY KILLER MAN ON EARTH. NIGGA!1. YOUR LITTLE FAYYGOTT MAN.2. YOUR TIGHT LIL I AM ALWAYS WET FOR YOU NOW JOEY!BIG FAT HUGE GIANT REGINAS JEWEY SQUISHEYSJUMBO PUSSY VAGINA CLAMS FAGINAS 2NOW HOE S.YES. DARK BLUE STATE TROOPER WINDY WENDY HOE:YES. YOU DO LOVE ALL OF YOUR BLACK WOMEN 2NOW JOEY.YES.WE DO ALL LOVE YOU 2NOW JOEY! JOEY WE LOVE YOUUUUUU!YES.MOST FULLY HOSTED MODERN DAY REPORTING ON IN:MY SWEET KIND MAN MR. JOE JOEY JOSEPHS WITH HIS FULL REAL LIVE'MA FUCKA NIGGA ON THAT TRIGGA!' MASSACHUSETTS PLATES ON THIS BIGFAT LONG GIANT WHITE CADILLAC COUPE DEVILLES VEHICLE RIGHT HERE 2NOW. NIGGA.YES. OH...OKAY WELL OJ OTAYS OH YES! I WILL PUT COOL WHIP ON MY BODY FOR MR. JOEY.BANG!I Word (Work) Very Hard For Myself. I Work (Word) All Day Long.Writing. Posting. Publishing. Creating. Keeping Busy.No. There Has Been No Real Live HA! HA! HA! In My Life.Yes. I Am Trapped Here Alone For Very Many Years Now.My Seven Long Fucking Years Living Here In Your Dover New Hampshire.Houston Texas Was Just As Bad. Years 2004 Into 2008.Melissa F.B.I.: Joseph Was Placed Here In Dover New Hampshire Illegally.Yes. Circumstances Did This To Me. I Am Tired Of My LivingWith These Victim Attacked Harassed Stalked Cirumstances.You Did This To Me. I Am Normally A Very Social Person In Fact.After I Was Attacked Here I Decided To Start My Writing On Up.Yes. You Do Now Ask Me: Do You Mean More Seriously Now Joey?Okay Well No. and Okay Well Yes.Melissa F.B.I. Hoe: JOSEPH WAS NOT REALLY WRITINGTOO TOO TOO 2.2 MUCH AT ALL BEFORE NOVEMBER 19 - 2011.Then My Brand New White 2014 Kia Optima Ex Was Attacked. Oh Yes.ON NOVEMBER 29 2014 THESE NIGGAS ALL WENT and THEY DID THE UNTHINKABLEOH YES! YET ONCE AGAIN AGAINST ONE MR. JOE JOEY JOSEPH ANTHONY ALIZIO JR.I Paid For My Very New Low Miles 2014 White Kia Optima Ex To Be Repaired.No One Confessed. No. Not One Person Came Forward. No. Nothing Was Good For Me.


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