My Husband's a Woman Now: A Shared Journey of Transition and Love Leslie Fabian Author
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Nothing is more certain in life than change, and this change is bigger than most. In 2009, Leslie Fabian's husband, David—an orthopedic surgeon who'd been privately cross-dressing for most of his life—realized that brief forays into the world as Deborah would never be enough.This came as no surprise to Leslie. For two decades, cross-dressing had been a part of their lives; but she had witnessed her spouse's devastation each time he returned to his male persona. Once David finally realized he was more than just a cross-dresser, Leslie encouraged him to become Deborah.My Husband's a Woman Now is the personal, heartfelt tale of a wife supporting her mate's transition to female, while grieving the loss of her male partner. It's a love story, abounding with tales of the Fabians' challenges, changes, and ultimate triumph over the radical upheaval of their their own choice.This story can and will inspire you, whether you're transgender, gay, straight—or anything in-between!


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