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WARNING: This is an unofficial reading Sidekick designed to heighten your enjoyment and understanding of Dust by Patricia Cornwell. Do not buy this Sidekick until you first have a copy of the original work. BookBuddy is an independent web learning company with a mission to bring the joy of reading and insightful discussion of today's best novels to readers everywhere. As you read the original work, our Sidekick is the perfect complement, filled with all sorts of fun, insightful goodies to help you get the most out of the novel.This analysis of Dust poses thoughtful questions that force you to take another glance at the characters' actions and ponder the author's choices. Go beyond the text to gain more from your reading by analyzing each chapter, the main characters, and hidden symbolism. Follow Dr. Scarpetta's forensic world as she struggles with corruption and seeks justice in this fast-paced murder mystery Dust.Revisit the life of Dr. Kay Scarpetta as she unfolds exciting mysteries in Patricia Cornwell's Dust, the 21st book of this series. Fed up with societal corruption, the Chief Medical Examiner of Massachusetts, Kay Scarpetta, goes beyond her job duties to seek justice for the victims of violent crimes. The discovery of a 22-year-old victim at MIT leads the story into a mystery involving a serial killer, multi-million-dollar lawsuits, old murder cases, and underhanded FBI practices. Through first-person narrative in Dust, Cornwell builds tension through the chaotic thoughts of Scarpetta as she deals with the psychological impacts of her career.With the Sandy Hook tragedy fresh in her mind, Dr. Scarpetta delves into a new case involving a grad student from MIT. Deeper connections are brought to the surface as the author engages readers in her latest murder mystery Dust.


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