The Diana Rivers Mysteries - Volume Two (The Diana Rivers Mysteries Collection, #2) Faith Mortimer Author
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Welcome to the 2nd Diana Rivers, Mystery Suspense Murder Boxed Set featuring the fourth, fifth and six books in the bestselling series, ‘Camera Action Murder, ‘CHILDHUNT! and ‘A Deadly Learning.’ All three books feature our heroine Diana Rivers - writer, sometime actor and amateur sleuth. Diana loves nothing more than getting embroiled in the middle of a mystery – especially one which involves MURDER!Camera Action Murder!Diana Rivers hadn't intended to visit England that summer but the invitation to take part in a film-shoot seemed too exciting an opportunity to miss. Life had been quiet for the last year or so & she looked forward to renewing old friendships and meeting a handful of well-known film stars.The only possible fly in the ointment was the venue. Years before, Diana had suffered a terrifying experience in England - an encounter which she thought she'd resolved. Reassuring her partner Steve all was well & that terrifying episode was behind them, she went ahead & confirmed their acceptance.Little did she know that the filming was only a minor part of the show as she is drawn into events which threaten to spiral out of control. When a beautiful young actress is accidentally killed, Diana's thoughts are opposite to everyone else’s. Was it an accident or ...MURDER?A second body leaves everyone reeling - this time there is no doubt. A callous and vicious murderer is at large. Diana is fast embroiled in discovering the hard facts, not knowing she is placing herself in great danger. Watch out Diana! You could be next...CHILDHUNT!Two weeks before Christmas. The villagers of Agios Mamas, in Cyprus, are preparing for the season's festivities. Without warning terror strikes the heart of the sleepy little village.Two small children disappear without trace and a frantic search is called.Who has targeted and stalked the family for the last six years; knowing their every move?What is the kidnappers' ultimate goal? Will local author and amateur sleuth, Diana Rivers and visiting CID Police Chief Inspector, Adam Lovell find the children in time?Join Diana and her friends as they try to unravel the horrific nightmare which has hit the village.A Deadly Learning.When author and private investigator, Diana Rivers travels to Portugal for a holiday, murder is the last thing on her mind.On the first day of her visit, nothing bodes well at the International College of Portugal when a woman's body is found interred behind a wall during renovation work. The striped plastic tape around the crime-scene portrays a sense of unease.What with students practicing sexual rituals in the sand dunes, a suspicion of a drug factory and money laundering plus a rash of killings, her plans for a quiet break go awry.Diana is in her element.


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