The Stone from the Green Star Jack Williamson Author
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Richard Smith, a former college athlete working on an oil tanker, is inadvertently kidnapped over two million years into the future by blind scientist, Midos Ken, and his beautiful and brilliant daughter, Thon Ahrora. Unable to return to his own time, Richard joins their quest to find the Catalyst: a rare substance capable of granting eternal youth. After failing a final desperate attempt to synthesize the substance, Don Galeen, one of Midos Ken's scouts returns with the news that he's found what they seek, but it is in the most inhospitable of places: a rogue planet guarded by unimaginably horrifying creatures. Against seemingly insurmountable odds and harried by the evil pirate, Garo Nark, Lord of the Dark Star, the group sets out to recover the Catalyst and grant eternal youth to all of humanity.


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