Rebound with the Tentacle (Fantasy Monster Erotica) Danica Slate Author
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When Jenny's fiance, Brian, unceremoniously dumps her on the evening of a meticulously planned dinner date, she becomes desperate to find something better - anything that can take away the pain and replace it with a semblance of happiness.So when she discovers a strange, playful alien tentacle emerging from the pond in the woods behind her house, she's immediately gripped by curiousity. And when the sinuous creature begins to touch her in ways that make her forget Brian, she's not about to tell the creature no.It's not until she's been fully encircled by the enormous tentacle, lifted high above the ground, and covered in a strange liquid aphrodesiac secreted by the creature that she begins to question her course of action.But by then, it is too late to turn back...---“What do you think you’re doing?” she smirked, giving the tentacle a playful shove. It pushed back with equal strength, and before long she found herself in a delightful wrestling match with the strange creature. The thing was obviously stronger than her, with the ability to grasp with its suckers and bend at any angle, but clearly was taking it easy on her, and Jenny’s extra limbs gave an additional advantage that made things relatively even.For the first time in the weeks leading up to her break-up, Jenny found herself letting go and having fun. She twisted and strained against the prehensile tentacle, laughing as she fought to keep her feet and gain the upper hand on the unpredictably-moving creature. Now that some of the water had dried off, she could get a better grip on the thing, though it remained slick and difficult to grasp. She tried first grabbing hold of the tip with both hands, attempting to control its movements, but this proved ineffective as it just started battering her gently with its midsection, then making coils and entangling her limbs until she finally released her grip. The tentacle pulled back slightly, loosening its holds, and Jenny managed to get part of the trunk under one arm, wrapping her other around it to pin it against her body with loud whoop of triumph. But then the tip began to tickle her, poking into her side and suckering at the backs of her knees until with an uncontrollable laugh she thrust it away, tears streaming from her eyes.“I see you’ve found my weakness,” Jenny giggled, dropping into a crouch as she stalked her prey. The tentacle danced and undulated playfully, occasionally teasing her by flicking in front of her face, just within her reach, only to pull back, lightning-fast, as she snatched at it.They stalked each other, circling slowly, Jenny waiting for the perfect chance to strike, the tentacle seeming content to stay just out of reach. Suddenly, as she neared the lake once again, Jenny pounced - not towards the undulating tip in front of her, but laterally, to where the tentacle curved up and out of the water before bending back to face her. She threw her arms around the base, wrapping her legs around the thick trunk and digging her hands into the mass of suckers on the underside.“Woo!!! Gotcha!” Jenny cheered as the tentacle bucked and waved. She held on tight as it lifted up above the ground, then the water. It shook and writhed, bouncing her around, threatening to throw her into the pond if she let go - but gently, as if it, too, was enjoying the wild ride, and did not actually want to throw her.Jenny tightened her grip against the muscular, prehensile tentacle. Her bared thighs squeezed against the slippery, pliable surface which easily molded against the contours of her flesh. She felt a sudden, unexpected surge of pleasure. Jenny’s breath caught in her throat.“Oh… oh wow,” she stammered.


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